From Basic Check-ups to Complex Maintenance for Less!

Rocky’s Miatomotive goes the extra mile to make sure your Miata is always running in top shape. Our experts deal with everything from efficient, careful regular maintenance to making sure that every aspect of your Miata is running the way you remember when you first left the dealership.

From top to bottom we do it all to make sure your Miata is in top shape. Steer your Miata away from potential problems by contacting us for regular maintenance, as well as complete repairs and services from our team. Keep us handy– we treat your car as our own.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

• Oil Changes
• Fuel Injection Cleaning
• Timing Belt Replacements
• Tune Up

Fuel Injection Cleaning

If your Miata is lagging in performance, one possible solution is cleaning its fuel injection system.  Your Miata will run much more strongly using our chemical fuel injection service. We clean fuel injectors, throttle bodies, and do what needs to be done in order to keep your car in shape.

Cooling System Service & Repairs

• Thermostat Replacement
• Water Pump Replacements
• Radiator Replacements
• Hose Replacements

Major Engine Repairs

• Valve Jobs
• Crankshaft Replacements
• Piston Rod Replacements
• Main Bearing Replacements

Electrical Repairs

• Headlight & Bulb Replacement
• Electrical Diagnosis
• Alternator Replacement
• Battery Replacements
• Wiring Repair

And Don’t Forget! WE OFFER INSTALLATION of After-Market Accessories:

Turbochargers, Superchargers, Suspension Kits, Rollbars, Swaybars, & Much More!